piątek, 1 kwietnia 2011

Beta 1.4 - Additional info!

Hello again! Since few things have recently changed, I need to update my blog ^^

So, you want to know what else happened? There you go!

Sheep spawn in more colors, however rarely. (Confirmed: Brown, Pink)
Movement in flowing water is slower.
Dungeons are more common (unconfirmed).
Flowers and Mushrooms are more common.
Cocoa Beans can be found in Dungeon chests.
Wheat grows more quickly.
Sugarcane can now grow to four blocks tall
The new default hotkey for the inventory is 'E'. 
SMP servers can now have a new world seeded with an option in the Server.properties file. 

Bug fixes:
Zombies and Spiders now hurt you in all instances (previously could only hurt you if they were 1 block above your location).
Client-sided slime spawn on SMP have been fixed.

New bugs:
Crafting Wooden Slab or Redstone Torch would make your game crash. (Was fixed a couple hours after version release, without updating the version number ) 
Tamed wolves whimper in SMP regardless of health. (This is because client-side health was used instead of synched health. ) 
Wolves cannot travel through doors. A small hole can be punched out near the door as they are 1x1, thus creating a "doggy-door" until their pathfinding is updated to recognize open doors as a path they can walk through.
You can place Ladders anywhere underwater, even if there are no walls.
Beds do not always act as the spawn point. This is not a bug, the spawn point will be reverted to the original if the bed is destroyed.
You can create a farm patch using a hoe underwater.
Sometimes torches do not emit light, but can be forced to by placing a light emitting torch near them. If these torches are removed, the light will not go away.

And promised screens! 

Brown sheep :D

Tamed wolf

Coooookies :D

Brown dye in dungeon

Hostile wolves after attacking them

Some neutral wolves

4 blocks high sugar cane. First I was like WTF, but then I've noticed that it's possible now

Weird light bug, still don't know anything about it.  

Unfirtunately I can't post any texture packs here, because authors still need some time to update them for 1.4, but as soon as there will be my favourite one avaliable I'll tell you :)
That's all for now, have fun !

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  1. I love Minecraft, going to play it now!


  2. I'm excited to buy it and play online, the pirated version is boring all by myself. Following.

  3. Man thanks a lot I don't regularly check notch's blog so those reminders are really nice.

  4. Oh man that's some good info on the updates. Took them long enough on the inventory button too, I changed mine to 'tab', first thing I did, 'I' is just too far away. Also looking forward to more dungeons ;)

  5. lol nice compilation :D Poland ftw

  6. Thanks for the article, I'll have to upgrade to 1.4 it looks like

  7. Thanks. Never played minecraft but after reading this I might!! Subscribed.


  8. I really don't know about minecraft

  9. yet to delve into the world that is minecraft..
    maybe inspiration here
    keep up the good work :D

  10. I got a giftcode yesterday, it's awesome!

  11. I cannot wait to hack a pack of wolves following me. Im just imagining in a smp server with an arena, 2 people battling with armies of wolves.

  12. A lot of my friends play minecraft quite casually, looks pretty fun.
    How often do you play it, daily?

  13. wow tamable wolves? that's awesome!

  14. Okay, so I tried taming wolves, and yes, they are in fact awesome :D